West Auckland’s Buzzing Local Honey Scene

Looking for local honey in West Auckland? We’ve got you covered! Discover where to buy raw honey and how it benefits your health, the environment, and the community.

Buzzworthy Places to Buy Local Honey

  1. Kumeu Farmers’ Market: West Auckland’s honey hotspot with a wide variety of flavours from local beekeepers.
  2. Titirangi Village Market: A fantastic place to find regional honey and other locally produced goods.
  3. Neighbourhood Beekeepers: Search online or connect with local beekeeping groups to find these hidden gems.
  4. Health Food Shops: Visit stores like Wise Cicada or Harvest Wholefoods for your honey fix.
  5. Speciality Food Shops: Check out Farro Fresh and La Cigale French Market for high-quality local honey.

Pro tip: Look for labels like “raw,” “unfiltered,” or “unprocessed” to ensure you’re getting pure and natural honey.

The Sweet Benefits of Local Honey

  • Allergy Fighter: Local honey helps combat allergies like a champ!
  • Health Booster: Packed with vitamins and minerals to keep you buzzing.
  • Eco-friendly: Support the environment and small businesses by choosing local honey.

Bee Kind to Our Buzzing Friends

In New Zealand, native and honey bees coexist. While honey bees can impact native species, they’re essential to our ecosystem. Help bees thrive by buying local honey. And hey, even your dog with allergies can benefit from local honey (just check with your vet and watch the sugar levels)!

Where to Buy Royal Honey in Auckland: Happy Valley

If you’re searching for royal honey, Happy Valley is the place to be! They use top-notch beekeeping practices and strict quality standards while still achieving great success in New Zealand.

Not only do they offer royal jelly with the highest concentration of 10HDA, but they also combine the benefits of royal jelly and honey in one jar. So, don’t wait! Buzz over to Happy Valley and treat yourself to some royal honey.

Remember, always read labels carefully and look for any processing or additions before buying local honey in West Auckland.

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