Help Restore Paradise: Muriwai Needs You!

Muriwai, a picturesque community nestled along the rugged West Coast of Auckland, has been hit hard by landslides and floods in recent weeks. The devastating events have shaken the tight-knit community, revealing a history of natural disasters.

Despite the hardships, Muriwai Beach remains a unique attraction for locals and visitors. Its dramatic black sand coastline, towering rock formations, and diverse wildlife make it an ideal destination for nature lovers, water sports enthusiasts, and those seeking a peaceful retreat.

Surfers flock to the beach yearly for the National Surfing Championships, while kite surfers and windsurfers take advantage of the strong winds and waves. The area also boasts a network of walking tracks, including the famed Hillary Trail, offering breathtaking views of the Tasman Sea and surrounding bush.

However, the recent landslides and floods have left the community reeling, and rebuilding will require a comprehensive approach. It is crucial to involve experts from different fields to assess land stability, analyze flood risk, and determine the best action to mitigate future disasters.

The community must also have a voice in the decision process to eat their needs and concerns are heard and addressed.

Fundraiser for Muriwai Relief

As the rebuilding process begins, we can all do our part to support the Muriwai community. The Allely Estate and Rotary Kumeu is hosting a fundraiser on March 26. All proceeds go toward essential services provided by the Muriwai Volunteer Fire Brigade and the Muriwai Lifeguard Service.

Guests will enjoy live music, auctions, raffles, and delectable food and drink, all while contributing to the rebuilding effort.

The Muriwai Community Association is a group of dedicated individuals working to support their community through the Muriwai Relief Fund. Their goal is to assist those affected by the recent floods and landslides, helping to rebuild and restore the community.

A Place of Amazing Beauty

Shot by Christo creates beautiful videos. Muriwai Beach is a West Auckland gem. Muriwai, a tiny beach village on Auckland’s west coast above the Waitakere Highlands, is home to a bird colonies of all sorts.

Last Call for Help

You might not live in Muriwai Beach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t lend a hand! Besides, who wouldn’t want to help out a community with a stunning beach with black sand, epic rock formations, and a colony of gannets just begging to be observed?

Plus, let’s not forget about the local businesses that need our support, like Absolute Essential, The Gourmet Gannet, Cafe Toi Toi, Muriwai Surf School, Business Eye, and Just Honey Muriwai. They’ve been through a lot, what with the recent floods and landslides, and they could use our help getting back on their feet.

Sand Dunz Beach Café has been a cornerstone of the Muriwai community, especially during emergencies. They provided emergency food and water as flood relief. This café is dedicated to helping the community and keeping Muriwai a popular holiday destination and surf heaven. Naturally, they want things to return to normal so everyone may enjoy Muriwai’s beach access and other unique pleasures.

So let’s show the Muriwai community some love by supporting the Muriwai Relief Fund. Every dollar counts, people! Let’s help rebuild this beautiful place and keep it thriving for generations. Who knows, maybe they’ll even name a surf break after you as a thank you.

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