Golden Glory: Manuka’s Local Honey Awaits!

Are you a honey lover looking for the Where Can I Buy Manuka Honey, Locally?  Look no further since I have put up a straightforward guide for you. Manuka honey is a highly sought-after honey popular for its antibacterial properties and unique taste. 

The honey originates from the nectar of the New Zealand-grown Manuka tree. The Manuka plant is known for its medicinal properties, and honey is widely used for health benefits such as wound healing, improving digestion, and boosting immunity.

The best part about buying local Manuka honey is that it is fresher and has a unique flavour that cannot be found in industrialized honey. When you buy local honey, you support local beekeepers who use sustainable methods, which reduce pollution and save resources. 

Additionally, local honey has allergens native to your area, which helps with allergies.

What are the best places to buy manuka honey locally?:
  1. Huckleberry New Lynn: This organic store at 34D Portage Road, New Lynn, Auckland 0600, is the perfect place to get local Manuka honey. They also stock other organic products such as fruits, vegetables, and dairy.
  2. Titirangi Farmers Market: If you prefer farm markets, then Titirangi Farmers Market is the perfect place for you. The market is in the car park behind the Titirangi Community House, South Titirangi Road, and is open every Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm.
  3. Kairangi Honey Farm Shop: Located at 6 Steed Road, Waitākere, Auckland, NZ, Kairangi Honey Farm Shop is a great place to buy local honey straight from the source. You can also learn about beekeeping and honey production from the friendly staff.
  4. Queen Bee Honey: Queen Bee Honey is at 61a Fred Taylor Drive, Massey, Auckland 0814. They sell a range of Manuka honey and other honey blends, such as Kanuka honey.
  5. Tirimoana Honey: Tirimoana Honey is located at 8 Tirimoana Road, Te Atatū South, Auckland 0602. They sell local honey in person only on Saturdays and Sundays.
  6. Earthbound Honey Market Shop: If you are in Hobsonville, Auckland 0618, visit Earthbound Honey Market Shop at Catalina Bay. They offer a wide range of local honey and other honey products.
  7. Waitemata Honey Co: Waitemata Honey Co is located at 8 Te Kea Place, Rosedale, Auckland 0632. They offer a range of local honey, including Manuka and Kanuka honey.
  8. Lincoln Fresh Produce: Lincoln Fresh Produce is located at 260 Lincoln Road, Henderson, Auckland. You can find Don Buck Honey here.
  9. Kaiwhenua Honey: Kaiwhenua Honey offers Manuka blends and local raw honey. You can visit them in person or contact them at 021-990-694 /
  10. Bees On Top: Bees On Top is located in Bethells Beach and offers Manuka blend and Lavender honey. You can contact them at 0212033612.

Final Word on Locally Produced Manuka Honey:

Bee collecting manuka nectar

Bee collecting nectar from manuka

In conclusion, buying local honey is better for your health and the environment. You can find local Manuka honey at various locations in West Auckland, including organic stores, farmers’ markets, honey farm shops, and local beekeepers. 

Try different blends and enjoy the unique flavour of local honey while reaping its numerous health benefits. Start with a teaspoon of local, unpasteurized honey once daily to help with allergies, and slowly increase the amount.

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