Help Restore Paradise: Muriwai Needs You!

Shore line west-coast beaches

Muriwai, a picturesque community nestled along the rugged West Coast of Auckland, has been hit hard by landslides and floods in recent weeks. The devastating events have shaken the tight-knit community, revealing a history of natural disasters. Despite the hardships, Muriwai Beach remains a unique attraction for locals and visitors. Its dramatic black sand coastline, …

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The Ultimate Guide – Rain Gardens in Auckland

Rain Gardens are good for drainage

Tips, Tricks, and Construction of Rain Gardens with Advice on Plant Selection Shorten this take-out pun about the splash, and make it trustworthy, fun, yet in-depth: Looking to make a splash with your backyard landscaping? Consider a rain garden! Not only do these unique gardens add a pop of colour to your outdoor oasis, but …

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Why Buying Local is Important: West AK Ed

Buy Local Sign

There are many reasons why buying local is important. One of the most important benefits is that you help strengthen your community when you buy locally. More of your money stays in your community when you purchase goods and services from locally-owned businesses. This aids in the creation of employment and the maintenance of a steady …

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Where to Buy The Best Local Coffee Beans

Roasting Coffee Beans

Looking for the best local coffee beans in West Auckland? You’re in luck! Several excellent local coffee roasters will be happy to sell you some fresh, delicious beans. Some of our favourites include Anastasis Coffee Roasters, Bethells Beanz, and Mt Atkinson Coffee. Buying locally roasted coffee beans is a great way to ensure that you …

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Find the Best Local Honey in West Auckland

Manuka Honey

Where can I buy local Honey? You’re in luck! West Auckland is home to many local honey producers, and you can find their products at various farmers’ markets and specialty stores. The average price of Honey varies depending on the type of Honey, but most local varieties are reasonably priced. And, as a bonus, buying local …

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